Welcome to South Fork Water Board


orecity_westlinnmapSouth Fork Water Board (SFWB) is a wholesale water provider to the cities of Oregon City and West Linn. SFWB is jointly owned by the two cities and is governed by a six-member Board comprised of the Mayors and two elected officials from each city.

South Fork treats water from the lower Clackamas River to produce a high quality, soft water for domestic and industrial purposes for approximately 54,000 people in both Cities. In addition to selling water to Oregon City and West Linn, South Fork has one wholesale customers, Clackamas River Water to serve CRW-South (or the old Clairmont Water District), providing water to a total of approximately 63,000 people in Clackamas County.

The region’s water needs are constantly changing: population growth, cities’ configurations change, and ever-tightening State and Federal water quality standards must be met. But South Fork stays alert and flexible. Its long history of success allows it to face the future with confidence, secure in its ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

South Fork holds Board meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm they are open to the public and are held at the South Fork Water Board water treatment plant.